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I'm having some leftover feels from Valentines/Galentines day, mostly surrounding the fact that I moved away from where I built my meatspace friends network almost a decade ago, and their lives have moved on, and I have not built much of a new network in the here. Not that I wish to replace those relationships, but I need somebodies who are close to me to spend time with, to support and be supported by, to have a life that is something other than just me and a selection of little glowing screens.

The obvious answer is to poke the fine folks who ARE local to me and do the making of concrete plans. I did it in December AND January, and I need to keep it up despite the fact that my most recent attempt fell through.

Today is Boomerang Celebration; SALM was in NJ with his mom for a few days and only just came back last night. Yesterday was my long day at work. None of this was conducive to schmancy togetherness. Instead we did basic togetherness: we went for an Ingress Drive, picked up chinese food to feed the family, and watched an episode of Z Nation before we each had to go do some Intensive Parenting for two different Spawn.

Today, though! Today he is off work due to dental stuff, and it's my regular day off. He is already in Boston, and I am shortly going to go hop on a train to join him. We're meeting up for hot pot, and then possibly some shenanigans - perhaps going to the Common for a walk. Perhaps not. Whatever we do, it'll be nice because it's some time together. That, I've been realizing, is why yesterday didn't really have much importance/impact. No flowers, no chocolates - no big deal, because we spend time taking care of each other and fostering our individual and shared contentment on the regular. No big gestures required, to know that we are loved.

::sudden topic switch::

I still haven't ordered a fountain/calligraphy pen. I should do that soon. I've gotten two InCoWriMo letters, and I'm going to work on my replies to them on the train.

I'm wearing a perfume called Kathmandu today. I'm trying to work my way through a bunch of the sample vials I've had for a while and haven't touched. The site says is is made of: Saffron, blessed sandalwood, Himalayan cedar and the miraculous lotus of the Buddha with chiuri bark and Nepalese spices. That explains why I am liking it so much; woody and spicy scents tend to sit well with the chemistry of my skin.

Time to get ready to catch my train. I hope you're doing well. Sorry I vanished for a while. Sometimes I go Big Turtle.



3/2/19 18:20
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Learn and Connect
TurboTax Refund Estimator
Incowrimo February letter-writing month address exchange. Be my pen pal?

How to hard boil an egg
Psalm 109 has apparently been showing up on bumper stickers and posters recently WRT The Donald...
How to needle tat rings and chains (youtube)

Notes and Quotes
"Girls are not machines you put kindness coins into until sex falls out."
I have no mouth and I must scream, by Harlan Ellison
Ratiocination: 1. The process of exact thinking : reasoning. 2. a reasoned train of thought

I have no mouth and I must scream, the video game on Steam

Menu: Off the Common at the Boston Park Plaza hotel

Pumpkin, a cat I want to go visit to see if they are in fact My Cat waiting for me to adopt them and give them a non-crappy name

"You know, like a liar" 
"Can you describe the ruckus, sir?"
An floatyheart thingum
Then Perish

....this plus the dozen I deleted outright for repetitive or locale-revealing reasons brings me down under 25 tabs. I'm good with that.
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I just read this interview a dear acquaintance of mine did with Harlan Ellison, with regard to the video game I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, patterned after the short story of the same name. For reasons I am still working on parsing out, I cried twice to varying degrees while reading the article. If you have not read the short story before, you can do so here. It is one of those short stories that is perhaps on the long side; I highly recommend it, and am certainly due for a reread of it myself.

I can't quite think enough to put together a long post, this morning. I have a persistent pain my my lower right abdomen (not my appendix, probably - I have had this pain come and go before, and used to think it ovarian cysts, but last time it became unbearable and had it checked out the doctor found no cysts and concluded it was likely referred pain from an IUD knocked out of alignment), and a gentle emotional malaise. Both these things will pass. They always do, eventually.

I learned a new word from Mr. Ellison's interview, and it is this:

Rationcination: 1 : the process of exact thinking : reasoning. 2 : a reasoned train of thought.

I have added this word to my page of Words I Did Not Know in my bullet journal.

To Do:

Finish my red bean moon cake
Pretend I did not find a hair inside said moon cake
Send that letter to that friend
Post that response to that fairy story
Figure out how I'm going to go about doing my tax filing this year - hire a person, maybe?
Add my address to the Incowrimo database again

Are you familiar with Incowrimo? Sending people a snail mail each day in February. If I'm going to get myself a nice new pen for that, I'd better hurry up. 

Hello, Blisstopia. 

Edit: Maybe I should have pressed POST before zooming off to work this morning. Oops. Hi.
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There is something in this house, probably either a board that expands/contracts with changing heat but possibly a pipe, which makes a very particular flappy/clicky noise that hits my brain the way it sounded when my dear departed Serendipity would self-clean and then resettle herself with a shake of her head that made her ears flap against the side of her wee kitty skull. Or perhaps I merely have kitties on the brain; I sorely miss having a little fuzzy roommate.

This morning's enschoolenation went better than I expected, considering I had to get my shower in in the middle of the routine, and I had to chat with Youngest to bring back up the mini-meltdown he had on Friday and set up expectations for making things right. I walked out to the bus stop with the kids, which I do not normally do, so that he could begin with apologizing to his bus driver, at whom he swore on Friday. He also knows to be expecting to get called down to the office to speak with the principal about his behavior, and that while it won't necessarily be comfortable it IS necessary and a consequence of his behavior.

I expect the school will be calling me at some point today, but I hold out hope that the principal will just email me back about what happened.

Today is a day of change for all our routines; SALM is working his way through his Master's degree, one class per semester at a time, and today begins the new semester for him. It's a late class, starting after 7, and he has already begun his routine of doing homework late Sunday afternoon and into the evening, which means I am Point Parent basically from midday Sunday until Tuesday afternoon. We have done this before, and it is quite doable.

Today it is made interesting by the fact of an appointment right after work, so I'm going to ease the transition for the kids by getting food from their favorite pizza place once I'm done with all my grownuppy things.

Other grownuppy things I need to do:
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Clear the table and put down a new tablecloth
  • Taxes, because I am employed now and that's a thing I gotta do, Oh Zod how do I do this
  • Call the doctor that does the prescriptions because apparently a medicine someone needs is on backorder. Till SEPTEMBER. WTF.

Yes really, for more than half a year. The kid's been off the med for three weeks now due to pharmacy kerfluffle, though, and given its likely inaccessibility I am going to ping the doctor about possibly trying an alternative of some kind.
  • Get additional laundry out of living room
  • Build Youngest's bureau
  • Paint the drawerfronts
  • Remove old books from living room, offer them on local Buy Nothing group or something
  • Shelve new books
Rearrange furniture (again)

....this list has gotten really long. It will have to be, I think, a list for this week rather than for tonight. I will hold myself accountable for a minimum of 1-2 things on this list tonight.

Other doings:
  • Write a short story
  • Read a chapter of a thing and circle back with the author
  • Write a response to 2 online RPs

Anyway, here's a selfie because I'm really digging this whole Hair Dryer With Diffuser And Certain Helpful Hair Products thing to let my curly hair actually be itself.

Whoop, it's BOB o'clock. Gotta scoot.

Hello, Blisstopia. <3

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It is a not-so-terrible state of affairs when I find myself having to choose between reading a snail-mail letter from afar while drinking my coffee, or catching up on the comments on my posts. Given the portability of the letter, I opted for the latter.

I'll do the former while on break at work, which is a long day today, and will be capped by taking a drive with SALM to play Ingress (remember Ingress? We only recently got into it.) and to hit the hot tub at the Y for a soak. Except I just remembered that it is Thursday - I think they close it for cleaning on Thursday.

Dangit, I was looking forward to that soak. Perhaps I shall go tomorrow!

Things in the offing:
  • Must update kitchen whiteboard calendar
  • Must add items to my BuJo Calendar (Spawn-to-Dad trips, D&D nights)
  • Must find a mechanic because I have given up on Bosslady giving me the number for hers
  • .....and then schedule my car for repairs
  • Must call the healthcare department and order a replacement card
  • ....and try to find a dentist
  • ....and schedule an appointment to get my mouth dealt with before this cavity becomes an infection 
All for later. Now? To work!

::blows kisses and runs::
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And now: THE  W E A T H E R

....we got hit with the same weirdy NorthEast storm that hit everyone else on Saturday night. I expected to be walking through snow to/from visiting Arisia to hold BarCon and see my folks, but it was more slushy than anything else. Wet snow and slush. Then the temperature plumeted, and Sunday/Monday everything was glazed with ice.

When I say glazed, I mean that I went out to my car a half-hour early, managed to pry open the door, and set it running while chipping away at the 1/4"+ thick ice on my windshield. I got it chipped away enough that I felt comfortable driving to the local Dunks and grabbed breakfast, then stood in their parking lot for another 5 minutes chipping at ice. Another minute or two once I got into work.

My new ice scraper works well, y'all. 

At one point on the way home from work I had to brake hard, and the ice-coated layer of snow I couldn't even chip away at finally released its hold on my roof and slid down my windshield, shattering across the hood and making a bit of a mess in the street. It's the kind of thing I normal struggle with my height restriction over, to get my vehicle clear so that doesn't happen. I just couldn't do it this time - the ice was too thick, and it took my vehicle warming up underneath and the hard power of inertia to clear things off.

Aside from the precipitation, life continues apace. The lads finally had their wellness visits. They were supposed to have them in August, but I bumped it to help cover a shift. Now I actually get, like, personal time from work and shit, which is pretty great. Flu shots were had, plus three others for Youngest. We talked about the possibility of shots beforehand, so he was able to be prepared. He told me he thought he was going to be able to be brave this year, like last year (not like the previous year where he had panic attacks for an hour and I literally had to put him in a full-body hold). He was SO BRAVE. He got a little squirrely when she first started prepping his arm, and I gave him my hands to squeeze. Nurse Linda offered to bring in a second nurse to do the shots two at a time in each arm, but he fierced up and so she went. She's very experienced, and the first shot flashed in and out of his arm he was barely even aware of it. The flue shot was the worst, and therefore the last, and he had an evening and morning of sore arms.

He also had a migraine. I need to go yell at CVS after work today to get his damn meds filled.

Argh, I can no longer ignore the blipping of the Go The Fuck To Work alarm on my phone, because I really do need to get moving. Wish me luck getting out of my driveway, which is a sheet of ice on a tilt away from the street.... :-/

Hello, Blisstopia. <3


19/1/19 09:40
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Are you there? Will you be there? I’m coming tonight. Not to attend the con, necessarily - I will be occupying a table and essentially hosting BarCon. If you’re going to be there this afternoon/evening, LMK and come see me!


18/1/19 07:13
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Definition of "confab"
Converting fahrenheit to celsius (It's cold out, y'all)
LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You)
I'm good at mental math but sometimes I need to rest on the comfy seats of the struggle bus
Fatalities in the 1919 Great Molasses Flood in Boston, MA

Random info and learnings

How to make an Unordered (bulleted) list
HTML references for tagging and whatnots
Wikipedia: G.G. Allin (TW for bloody face in the top image)
Downloadable character sheets for D&D
A step by step guide to D&D character creation (because it doesn't matter that I've been playing D&D since I was 8 - I play infrequently enough that I need my hand held every damn time)
"To A Louse, On Seeing one on a Lady's Bonnet at Church" by Robert Burns (a poem full of lols)
How to download a butt-ton of books that just entered the public domain (I may have posted this previously but still have it open, and hattip to [personal profile] joseph_teller  for the link originally)
D&D Idea: the Perfectly Ordinary Dog (tumblr post)

Oooh, shopping! *clappyhands*
A 5-drawer pine dresser from IKEA, unpainted
Wyrding Studios - amazing wire-wrap jewelry
A collection of scotch-blended chocolates from LA Burdick for Robert Burns' birthday (and mine)

The Residents - God In Three Rooms (full Album)
George Winston - Theme to Grace / Lament (part of a playlist from the music of Vince Guaraldi album)
Aspects of Zibaldone (not technically music, but is a/v - a playlist by [personal profile] joseph_teller of language/culture/philosophy/etc.)

Both is good
Heath Ledger smiling and winking (so pretty. So talented. So sadly gone. :( )
Happy Dance (several)
John Mulaney doing a shoulder-wiggle thang


....surprise! Actual post, if you got this far past the linkdump and didn't just zoom past! If I have lots of infolinks first and then the chatty posty introspection after, does that mean this is like the inverse of the standard recipe blog post structure?

It is Friday, and my day off, but today my day off is not precisely my own. I got 2/3 of the Spawn enschoolenated, of course; the bulk of my day now turns on the axis of the remaining child, Middlest. We are into the city later, to see her orthodontist and get pronouncement on how well her mouth appliance survived the holidays and whether her teeth are still in the right place, and if they are then they will likely remove the appliance and send us off with a scrip to have several teeth removed by her regular dentist so they have room to work with vis-a-vis dental spatial adjustment and straightening.

This is always a fun trip, because we get some fun girl time together (assuming she is not in full tweenager angst mode), ride the trains, grab delicious hotpot, and goof off. There will be the bonus surprise of which she is unaware, that her dad is getting some dental work done this morning and will be meeting us for hotpot lunch. I hope it is a good surprise.

Hm, I wonder if I can convince him to come with us to her appointment and then all drive home together, thereby saving monies on train tickets.

Anyhoo, trains and hotpot and all cost monies that I did not have immediately to hand, so I have to run myself through a shower, go to the bank to deposit a check and take out some monies, and then get the child up and dressed and ready to catch a mid-morning train so we get there in time for Teh Lonch.

Eventually I will be home which point I will be taking Youngest Spawn over to the Home Despot to pick out a little pot of green paint with which to paint the drawerfronts of his new bureau. I also need to dig through my purse and see if I still have the receipt from the purchase, because I bought it on Saturday and less than a week later it went on WICKED IKEA Family sale. I could really use those $50, and it's worth it to go hit up their Customer Service folks for it.

If I wanna stay on track, I better get moving. There will also be grocery shopping tonight to prep against the Weekend Weather. 8-12 inches predicted in my area, y'all. Not really looking forward to it.

Hello, Blisstopia. <3
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It's a short morning before a long day, and I opted to spend it responding to comments and then reading everything on my Reading Page to be caught up, although I didn't make comments there. Tonight, perhaps.

For me, for now, in brief:
  • Resolved, roughly, the relationship wonk mentioned a few days ago. More on that later and filtered.
  • IKEA is weirdly comforting to me. More on that later as well, possibly with pictures.
  • Bullet Journalling:
  • I'm sorta doing the thing?
  • Water and Calorie tracking:
  • These are things I am doing with two separate apps; the water to keep me honest and hydrated, and the calorie just to get an idea of what the heck I'm actually putting into myself and is it Sufficient or Too Much or Not Enough. Since the latter app is, in fact, a weight loss app, I threw a goal in there. I've lost 5lbs this week, even though I feel like I've been eating more. Weird.

    The weatherman keeps threatening snow. It keeps not showing up, but it keeps keeping me in a state of low-grade anxiety. I need new winter boots and keep not buying them. I think I'll get a snow scraper.

    I've spent too much time on this because I had to make the bulleted list happen in HTML. Looking at the preview I did something wrong, and it looks weird. I think my HTML and the automagic HTML tags are fighting. Alas. I leave it, because late.

    Hello, Blisstopia.<3
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    I am in IKEA again
    For the third time inside two months
    I feel like I have spent a bunch
    But the music’s really good, it’s a song I know
    By ELO
    Easier to dance to
    Than silence
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    It's odd how going to sleep at midnight and waking up shortly after 8 somehow doesn't feel like a full night of rest, even though clearly I was or I'd have not awakened and stayed awake. Perhaps it is because I spent so much of my sleeptime dreaming, and therefore my mind was quite active during its rest period.

    Without getting too deeply into it, I dreamt of lions, and of a demon with a nickname, and of sex that some people might consider problematic because it involved explicit preemptive consent rather than in-the-moment consent. That is, perhaps, something worth setting up a private filter for. Sex and sexuality, the nitty-gritty sexy-wexy that lead to the erotica I write, the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of non-het non-mono relationship lifestyling: let me know if you're interested in being in on that filter.

    ....I've had this post sitting open for almost two hours because when SALM finished cooking breakfast he sat down and we proceeded to have a long conversation about the dangers of sharing personal information on the internet, my long personal and third-party familiarity with those dangers, the way they have morphed over time and differing services (I've outlived several online journaling services; I was on OpenDiary back when it was free. And existed.), and how nowadays one must not only be concerned with individual manipulators using one's own information against you but also corporate and political movers attempting to do so as well. It surprised him how much time and thought I've actually put into all of it; it's not something we've ever really discussed in depth before. Topics ranged from the Livejournal Strikethrough to the Koch brothers, from Ayn Rand to G.G. Allin to Nationalism, Antifa, and Communism.

    It was a long more thinkythoughts than I was expecting this morning, and there are parts where I fucking floundered due to lack of knowledge/information, but it was also damned wonderful. At one point, too, he strongly urged me to look into getting an MS in Library Information Science, because a strong swath of the needs of the positions making use of such a degree include a strong leaning into Information Literacy, something which is of definite interest at large these days and which he sees me having an affinity for. We'll see; for now, I've lodged that as a thing to consider.

    Last night I went and played D&D for the first time in quite a while. My DM lives north of the city, so it is a bit of A Drive getting there and back, but it is so worth it. Apparently two of the other players have been clamoring for me to come play, because I was in a game with them that he ran a couple years ago and was so much fun. Then, I was a halfling fighter whose exploits included jamming a bomb inside a severed monster head to use as a frag grenade against a crowd of evil dwarves, and stealing not one but TWO airships. I was an excellent admiral, y'all. This time around, I am a half-orc granny rogue whose weapons of choice are a demeanour of being aged and infirm until the fighting starts, as well as the actual weapons which are a pair of knitting needles (daggers) and an oversized pair of scissors that can be yanked apart to use as a pair of shortswords.

    My DM loves me and lets me get away with shit because we are both writers and I pull shenanigans that are as entertaining as hell, even if I do have a knack for completely derailing his adventures. Heheheheheh.

    Today will involve a bunch of driving around. We are going to hit IKEA to pick up a corner shelving unit for my bathroom upstairs, so I no longer have my stuff in sort of just a piled drift in that particular corner. I'm also going to get a pine 5-drawer unit and some green stain for the Youngest Spawn. Well, the stain is for the chest of drawers which, in turn, is for the Spawn. He's been handling using soft hanging units in his closet for his clothing, but he is getting big enough and his clothing collection big enough that they don't fit handily into the hanging units any more, and have a tumbling-out tendency.

    The driving around is also going to involve playing Ingress. I started playing it a month or two ago, bopping over into it sometimes while we were already out playing Pokemon Go, and my interest in it intrigued SALM enough that he started playing it over a long weekend when he was away visiting family. He went up 5 levels in as many days, and we have been having a grand time going for drives together and building up portals, links, and fields.

    This evening I have some picking up to do in the living room, and I may very well set the children to the task of de-decorating the tree. It's time. I want it out.

    I also have writing to do, so there will be some introspection today. It may involve lions.

    Hello, Blisstopia. <3
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    What a week this has been! I've been dealing with an interpersonal matter that I am not going to get into here for Reasons, but it is causing me to take stock of how I operate in certain relationships, how I act and react, and how I really do need to adjust and hone my focus in terms of the sorts of connections I'm seeking to make. This is on top of/in addition to the similar adjustments and honing I am making in terms of my internet and social media, what with the impending doom shuttering of G+ and the clumsily-handle-at-best attempt at sanitizing Tumblr enough to make it palatable to Apple's pinched mouth app store. Holy crap you guys I had forgotten how much I missed using strikeout for snarky asides in the middle of my text.
    Cut for length and pictures: LOLs, birthday shenanigans, and Release )
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    My birthday was two days ago and it was... really surprisingly good. I mean, as an actual day goes, it was kind of bog standard: went to work, went grocery shopping, came home, had dinner, hung out with my family, went to bed. But I approached it differently than I have in years past. Not only did I fail to plan myself a party, but I also felt no sense of loss or resentment about the lack of party. Yes, I had to buy my own cake else there would have not been one, but that meant that not only did I get a cake but I got one that I really liked (yellow cake with blue icing and white snowflakes on top). I got lots of FB messages, but didn't feel obligated to reply to every single one. All in all it ended up being a good day.

    This all would have been incredibly stressful to me even as recently as last year. I've been going through a lot of change, internally; SALM talked with me last night about how he's been trying to give me a lot of room and space because I "seem to be doing a lot of processing" and reader, he's not wrong. I'm not sure how much of that processing is necessarily conscious and deliberate, but it does seem to be happening.

    Sunday he drove all the way to Harvard Square and came home with a box of the Robert Burns Scotch Whiskey collection of chocolates form L.A. Burdick.  It is a special assortment of scotch-blended chocolates in honor of the 260th anniversary of Burns' birth, which is going to be on the 25th. Writing of it just now, I've gone to look at some of his poems. It's been a long time since I read any Burns, and I forgot how prone he is go give me a giggle - he's like the Scottish Twitter of his day!

    I got me a gift for my birthday as well. There is a jewelry artist whose work I quite enjoy, Kythryne Aisling, who runs Wyrding Studios. I am in a group on the book of faces for fans of her work. There she did a project on NYE of having folk choose a dollar amount to spend, a color, a word, a type of jewelry piece, and a guideword, and she would create them over the course of the passage of the old year into the new that night - At The Turning Of The Year. I live close enough to her that mine came the day after I paid for it, and I was able to wear it on my birthday:

    At no point did I actually tell her that it was a birthday present for myself, so the fact that she made my birthstone the centerpoint of my new shawl pin is an unexpected delight.

    My birthday also brought with it the perfectly timed arrival of a piece of art. It was drawn for me by a dear artist friend, and I am not going to share it here because apparently they sometimes get hounded for Free Artz and I don't want anyone to end up angry or butthurt that I got something and they didn't, for whatever reason. I am going to share that it gives me a giggle, and this weekend is going to include hitting the shops to get another frame so I can put it up on my Art Wall in the bedroom.

    I feel like I had more I wanted to say but spent out all my time on birthday recountings. I think I was going to ruminate on how this birthday went so quietly well because I really am living that guideword, "release", and started doing so even before I chose it. I suppose that instead of leaving this sitting open while I try to think of what more I meant to say, I had better just release it.

    Hello, Blisstopia.<3
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    I began last year with the goal of posting a short story per week on my Patreon. I kept it up for rather longer than I managed to it, but the attempt petered out around the same time I got a part time job that has since become full-time. Thankfully, I have now reached a point of having the pace of things, rather than running to keep up, and so I am able to write again the way I wish to.

    With that in mind, there is a new bit of story up on the Patreon blog; click through to read it and, if you enjoy that or any of my other works, please do consider becoming a Patron of Blisstopia. 


    4/1/19 07:40
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    The Future of Bisexual Activism - an extract for this paper of particular interest because it contains the written-in-1990 Bisexual Manifesto. I didn't even know we HAD manifesto. I'm going to paste it at the bottom of this post.
    What color is Mulberry
    The origin of the phrase "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" (It wasn't Steinem!)
    Thalassophobia: an intense and persistent fear of the sea/sea travel

    My first George Winston CD remains one of my favorites; playing the music of Vince Guaraldi.
    The playlist I made when I gave myself permission to fail at cleaning and ended up actually succeeding

    Webs' year-end-blowout-sale theoretically ended yesterday but they still have stuff up
    Crochet Pattern: Tiny Bubbles (Ravelry)
    Crochet Pattern: Althea Shawl (I need to get back to working on the shawl I'm making with this pattern, it's like 90% done but I got distracted)
    Crochet Pattern: The Yipyip aliens from Sesame Street
    Crochet Pattern: The Not Knit Cowl - ends up appearing knit, but isn't

    The Foundry is spendy but SO delicious. I need to go there again sometime instead of just staring at their menu online.

    Trying to figure out Friendica
    A Buzzfeed quiz: which pair of wild animals match your personality (I got lion and tiger. That doesn't seem correct.)


    The Bisexual Manifesto
    First published in "Anything That Moves", 1990

    We are tired of being analyzed, defined and represented by people other than ourselves, or worse yet, not considered at all. We are frustrated by the imposed isolation and invisibility that comes from being told or expected to choose either a homosexual or heterosexual identity.
    Monosexuality is a heterosexist dictate used to oppress homosexuals and to negate the validity of bisexuality.
    Bisexuality is a whole, fluid identity. Do not assume that bisexuality is binary or duogamous in nature: that we have “two” sides or that we must be involved simultaneously with both genders to be fulfilled human beings. In fact, don’t assume that there are only two genders. Do not mistake our fluidity for confusion, irresponsibility, or an inability to commit. Do not equate promiscuity, infidelity, or unsafe sexual behavior with bisexuality. Those are human traits that cross all sexual orientations. Nothing should be assumed about anyone’s sexuality, including your own.
    We are angered by those who refuse to accept our existence; our issues; our contributions; our alliances; our voice. It is time for the bisexual voice to be heard.

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    Being able to sleep in is somehow elusive to me. Several times in the past week, thanks to children being away and various holidays/weekends, I have had the opportunity to do so, and usually stayed up late the night before. Each time, however, my body wakes around 7. That is the time that is the point of no return when it comes to getting the Spawn ready for school, and I think my body clock is somehow attuned to it.

    On Sunday I paid tribute to the porcelain gods and returned to bed for a while. Today, no such luck. Today I was not sleeping alone, and while the room had been cool enough for me to comfortably fall asleep, for the comfort of my fellow sleeper there were two warm-mist humidifiers running. The air was too moist; I was too conscious of my breathing. It was a low-grade version of trying to inhale in a steam room. The other rooms in the house are all unsuitable for sleep. So, I am up.

    I am back into that space where I am having vibrant and narrative dreams, and my mind is alighting on random objects, sounds, happenings, and making of those things brief but vivid scenes or vignettes. These are tell-tale signs, to me, that I am ready to start writing stories again. I was doing so regularly for the first... I want to say the first third of last year. Approximately once a week I wrote a story and shared it in relatively rough/unedited form on my Patreon. I would like to do that again. I need to get over that awful little "but what do I write about?" hum, however.

    Perhaps there are story/writing prompt communities or accounts here on DW; I shall have to have a looksee.

    My Mornthing post the other day was huge, but that showed me that I actually do have rather a lot to say when I am letting it come, rather than when I am trying to push myself to make social media posts on a daily schedule. Mornthings here are likely to be less-than-daily, but I reassure myself that they will also be more content-rich.

    Today I am going to spend some time writing. First up on the docket is transcribing the responses to my written RPs into actual digital responses to them. I've been snatching spare minutes here and there putting them in a dead tree notebook. Then... then I shall go on a prompt-hunt, I think. Perhaps I'll even dig out the neato notebook that I had set up to use as a bullet journal (bujo) and see if I can't kickstart its use in some way that dovetails in with my writing. A dedicated page that tracks what I've written and when and how long it is, perhaps. I'll figure it out when I get to it.

    The world is silverybright and damp outside my window. It rained fiercely here last night, and not only here - a friend half a continent away said it was like the universe was powerwashing last year off this world. I am holding that comment in my mind concurrent with the person I helped yesterday who commented to another person that the new year was just another day.

    Every day is just another day. But every day is a day where things can change for the better.

    Happy new year, Blisstopia - and good morning.
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    It's been quite a while since I've a had a long weekend to myself. For once, though, I did not spend the entirety of it sitting and dithering about what to do until I had run out of time to really do anything at all.
    It seemed like it might go that way, at first. Friday morning, my day off, I woke up so exhausted from the sickness I had been fighting off that I gave myself and the Spawn another hour to sleep. Then, though, the lads were really excellent about getting up and moving, doing everything asked of them to get on the road without argument. I was impressed, y'all.
    The drive went well in spite of me feeling a little spacey-headed, and in spite of the rain; it was light enough to merely make everything shimmering grey, rather than to truly occlude my vision or make the roadways a danger. It meant that when we had to stop at the rest stop for someone to use the restroom, it was no big commotion going from car to building and back.
    It was on one such stop that I was glancing at the time and checking google maps, doing the travel time math (very different from time travel math) of how much longer it would take us to get there, how that time would change if we had to make another stop, what our arrival window was, and my expected travel time to return home. If I dropped them and got right back on the road, I reasoned, I would get home well before the outgoing end of week rushhour traffic from Boston snarled up the southbound roadways.
    During this mathing, I was struck by the realization that for once I was driving to Western Mass midday instead of the evening, and that I had nothing specific to rush home for...and that the Webs end of year sale was going on. Normally when I drive the lads to their dad's, I can't visit Webs at all, because I can't leave until after school lets out and by the time we arrive the place has closed. I resolved to go.
    Webs )
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    ...and welcome to errybuggy who has landed here as part of the great LogOut, protesting Tumblr’s ill-conceived decision to alienate the majority of their user base by cracking down on pornography, erotic images, female nipples and sex workers, yet still failing to do anything about the nazi blogs and white supremacy proliferation on their platform.

    For my part, I didn’t realize how much Tumbl-ing had become a regular part of my day until today, when I keep reaching for my phone in quiet moments only to recall that no, I’m not going there today.

    We are barreling toward Christmas, which we celebrate in a somewhat secular way - which is to say, no churching. I have suitable gifts lined up for all the Spawn, and stocking stuffing stuff, and fresh wrapping paper for all of it. I still need to get SALM’s present, but it will come after the new year and he doesn’t much mind. Official Holiday Constructs have never been much of a thing for him, but he is content to flow with my tide on that front, so the kids will have a good time.

    Yesterday I made the very dangerous decision of telling Youngest he got to pick out our tree, and off we went. First we visited the sale the Boy Scouts Do at the church up the street, where everything left was spindly and small. He sound one he liked  though. $45. So off we went to the bank. 

    Near at my bank is a hardware store and, since we also need a tree stand, we pulled in. And there we noticed trees for sale around the side of the building. “Let’s go look,” I suggested, “just to see.” While we were looking, one of the trees fell over. I gamely went and hauled it upright, and the lad’s eyes got big. “It’s perfect!”

    it was $29. 
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    It is my regular day off today, and my bedhead has decided that I am a brunette lion. I am embracing this.
    I posted as much on Tumblr and am now buried under a dude-alanche of internet thirst. This isn't even that good a picture of me. What.
    Definitely got a picture that I thought was gonna be a dick-pic but turned out to be a selfie. And now we are talking in French. And I am a lion.
    Le what.

    The day is off, and so I indulged in totally not bothering to get dressed before getting the Spawn up for the day. Enschoolenation went well, and Youngest is primed for the possibility of us going to visit my workfriend's house this weekend so she and I can crochet and drink wine and shoot the shit while our respective Spawn play Fortnite and do LEGO builds. I'm looking forward to it. She's fun. And she keeps sending me interesting crochet patterns! Right now I am working on one that is a stocking, if a stocking were one of the Yip-yip alien puppets from Sesame Street. I need to find some ping-pong balls to turn into eyeballs. Perhaps I will run across some while I am out today.

    Yes, out! I am not merely spending the day off catching up on Laundry whilst playing Warcraft and watching Supernatural, tempting though that prospect is. No, today I am braving the halls of capitalism! To wit, I am going to the toy store to see if I can nail things down for my own Spawn as well as for my nieces and nephew. I am hoping that going early in the day will mean not a lot in the way of crowding. Wish me luck and perseverance.

    But before that... Warcraft. Supernatural. Coffee. Because the stores are not open just yet. 

    Hello, Blisstopia.<3
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     Good mornthing! I managed to make a shower fit into the time that is normally just enschoolenation prep for the Spawn. And then I got my hair to do The Thing by accident. And then I found my eyeliner pencil sharpener. I’m cautiously going to declare, even though it is currently not even 8am, that this is A Good Day.
    My good vibes. I give them too you. ::makes woodleymotions toward you through the internet::

    Here is a selfie, because I have not done one here in a while, and I like the way I look and want you to have the chance to enjoy it as well:

    First week of full time work is going well, so far! We will see how it proceeds in the second half, however. My first three days are a standard 8:30 to 5 workday. Thursday through Saturday are a 10 hour day, a day off, and then a 6 hour day. That will be the part that will take the most adjustment for me, I do think. I'm happy to have Fridays off - it makes driving the lads to the Spawnfather easier, and I can have a day of legit rest after the long day because everyone else is at school or work.

    One thing I am having to figure out is how to rejigger the housework. There is a lot that I would just kind of do when I felt like it, because I had quite a bit of time at home. Now, though, I don't have so much home time, and I don't want to jam all my houseworkery into my day off. This morning I started a load of clothes once Youngest was up and out of bed (the washer/dryer unit is in his bedroom, poor kid), and am going to shuffle them into the dryer and start another washload before I head out to work. I'm thinking I may be able to start a routine of a load or two a day that way, get caught up, and then set up some sort of schedule for everyone to get laundry done in a timely manner without unduly invading Youngest's space in the process.

    I am also with less maker time and, while I am adjusting to the heavier work schedule, I've been making practically nothing. What sit-down time I have had in the evenings I have been mostly dedicating to playing WoW and watching Better Call Saul; I've burned through all three episodes of the latter, though, and my brain is increasingly itchy to write. I've simply been unable to settle on a character/plot idea. I don't like this feeling, this mental pent-up-ness. This energy goes sour if I don't find something to pour it into.

    I need to write something, for me as well as for my Patreon folks. And I'm due for a Drunkblog soon. What's good in the streaming services right now - any cult classics? Weird horror? Hallmark-stylie holiday movies? I'm planning on doing the next DB over in a channel on my Discord server. Ping me when you want an invite to the server, because it's a nice place for both synchronous and asynchronous chatting.

    There's a special channel just for the Patrons.

    Anyway, time to go do the thing what makes me the money, and at this point I think I will pick up breakfast/coffee en route.

    Hello, Blisstopia.<3


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